Understanding Child Visitation and Parenting Plans in Arizona
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May 5, 2021

Understanding Child Visitation and Parenting Plans in Arizona

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Child Visitation Arizona
Understanding Child Visitation and Parenting Plans in Arizona

Your custody agreement is the most important negotiation you’ll make during your divorce. Whatever you decide will directly impact your child’s wellness and development. There are many different possibilities regarding custody, visitation, and scheduling. Understanding the options will help you work out an agreement that’s right for your family. The outcome of your divorce will determine the visiting rights you have as a parent. Here’s your guide to understanding different types of visitation in Arizona

Parenting Plan

In the state of Arizona, both parties must agree on a “parenting plan” before a judge will rule on a child custody agreement. This plan includes a detailed schedule of visitation for the child. Hopefully, the two parents can agree on a schedule that works for everyone. However, if they can’t, the court will create a plan. Taking many factors into consideration, they will decide sole or joint custody and the terms of visitation.

Sole Custody

Sole custody means that the child will only live at one residence. However, this rarely means that the other parent won’t have visitation rights or see their child.


In the case of sole custody, the other parent can receive visitation rights. These visitations can be either unsupervised or supervised. Unsupervised visits allow the non-custodial parent to see the child alone. They can even include sleepovers at their home.

Supervised visitation is the other option. In this case, a court-approved responsible adult has to be present whenever the parent sees the child. This arrangement occurs when the safety of the child is in question. The court or the custodial parent can appoint the responsible adult. They will typically be a social worker or another family member.

Joint Custody

In joint or shared custody cases, the child will live with each parent part of the time. Joint custody doesn’t always mean a 50/50 split living arrangement.

Residential Schedules

There are many options for residential schedules you can agree on. Some examples include:

  • The child stays with one parent every other weekend.
  • The parents can alternate weeks.
  • The child lives with one parent during the school year and the other on vacations.

Another factor to consider is a holiday schedule. Parents often choose to alternate holidays every other year.

Discuss Visitation Options with an Arizona Attorney

Whenever possible, it’s best to create a plan that keeps both parents in a child’s life. Understanding the types of visitation options available will help you and your ex reach a fair and healthy custody decision.

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