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Child Cusdody

Fighting for Your Child: 6 Tips to Win a Child Custody Battle

A child custody battle can be one of the most stressful, yet important things you will ever engage in. After all, it’s your child's well-being on the line.  Child custody disputes are rarely easy. There's no magical formula fo...

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How Do You Establish Paternity in Arizona?

Did you know that over 300,000 paternity tests are performed annually in the United States? And while this number seems high, it's only going to increase as the years go on.  It's no secret. Co-parenting has become the new nor...

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Life After Divorce: 7 Apps to Help Make Co-Parenting Easier

Divorce is hard, but it doesn't mean co-parenting has to be. While splitting up usually means parents relocate with shared custody of a child, the distance doesn't mean communication should stop. Though it can be tough to stay...

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Arizona Parenting Plans and Child Custody Explained

A parenting plan and child custody agreement is one of the most important negotiations you'll make during your life. Whatever you decide will directly impact your child's wellness and development, both physically and emotionally.  Read More

Don’t Hire a Divorce Attorney Without Asking These Questions First

Are you one of the 40-50% of couples that get a divorce every year in America? Getting a divorce is a stressful process, both emotionally and when it comes to paperwork. Knowing the right questions to ask a divorce lawyer can ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Child Custody During Divorce

Are you a parent who is going through a divorce? If so, you're not alone, and many parents face a child custody battle during their divorce process. According to the latest census data, over 24 million U.S. children live in a...

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How to Hire the Best Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody determinations can affect when you see your child and the rights you have to make important decisions in your child’s life. In many cases, an unfavorable child custody order can jeopardize your relationship with your child. Read More

Divorced couple with moving boxes

How Relocation Can Affect Child Custody

How Is Home State Custody Jurisdiction Handled When a Child is Relocated to Arizona?

In some circumstances, it is possible that a parent who has custody of a child in another state will move with that child to Arizona. At some point, depending on how ...

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young woman with daughter at supervised visitation

When Is Supervised Visitation Appropriate?

In any family law order, the court will make a determination on how often that parent will see his or her child. Arizona family courts consider the parent-child relationship to be very important, and, as a result, courts prefer that the child maintain a close relationship with each parent as much...

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Unmarried mother with child

How Does Child Custody Change When You’re Unmarried?

Child Custody and Parents that Are Not Married

When we think of child custody, we often think of two parents who are married. However, there are other issues and situations to think about, such as when the parents are unmarried. This is a common scenario. The question is: What happens t...

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