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Child Support

Your Guide To Child Support Modification in AZ

When parents separate and children are involved, the financial well-being of those children often becomes a complicated legal issue. It can also be an emotional one, both for the parent paying child support and the parent who receives it.  Read More

Child Support: Everything You Need to Know About How it Works in Arizona

Nearly half of all single parents have a written form of child support agreement for their children. While the subject of child support is rarely an enjoyable topic, it's necessary for the health and wellness of children in a ...

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Father looking to change child support agreement

How Do You Modify Child Support Orders?

Child Support Modifications in Arizona

Child support can be a very tricky—and emotional—topic for both those who are ordered by a court to pay it as well as for those who are receiving it. Whether you are paying child support or getting it from your prior spouse, it is important to underst...

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Child Support Introduction

When children are factored into divorce there are a lot more things to consider than just asset division. Child support exists to provide your child with financial support because it is morally and ethically right to do so.1 Studies have shown that if you contribute financially to your ch...

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What Qualifies as Income for Child Support?

If children are involved in your divorce, it is most likely that you will come across the issue of child support. Both parents are legally responsible for financially supporting their children, whether or not the children are adopted.1 A very important part of figuring out how much child ...

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Phoenix Family Law Attorney Ryan M. Reppucci Discusses Child Support in Arizona

Phoenix Family Law Attorney Ryan M. Reppucci Discusses Child Support in Arizona.