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Don’t Go Solo: The Benef...

Don’t Go Solo: The Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Starting the divorce process? If so, hiring a divorce attorney might be the first step to take.

Sure, this might not always be necessary. If your marriage was short, neither of you wants alimony, there is no property or assets involved, and you don’t have children, representing yourself may be an option.

Still, most people need someone to guide them through the divorce process. This is an emotional time, and you’ll need to make some life-changing decisions. In these situations, having professional help can make all the difference.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 good reasons to hire a divorce lawyer.

1. Preparations

If you decide to represent yourself in court, the judge won’t give you special treatment. They’ll expect you to be familiar with matrimonial law and know what to do at all times. Otherwise, you’ll be testing their patience.

Needless to say, preparing for court is much easier with a qualified lawyer at your side. In fact, lawyers who aren’t experts in family law will often hire family lawyers in their own divorce situations.

2. Paperwork

On a similar note, going through a divorce comes with a lot of paperwork. For starters, you need to know which forms are relevant to your situation. Then, you’ll need to collect a mountain of information to complete those forms.

To make matters worse, all the information must be complete and precise. If you omit anything, use the wrong numbers or form, the judge may find in favor against you. The good news: divorce lawyers almost never make these mistakes.

3. Alternative Options

Every divorce is different, and you have various options for settling it. In some cases, your lawyer may suggest an alternative you didn’t even know about. They’ll also help you create a decent settlement proposal or counter-proposal.

If both you and your spouse are representing yourselves, the process can get murky. For example, you might agree on certain items that the judge will reject. This will cause more stress and work for everyone involved.

4. The Big Picture

“Winning” a divorce case is less important than getting the best possible outcome for both parties. In an ideal world, both sides will compromise on as many issues as possible. This means giving up on some items you had hoped to gain to get a fair settlement.

In other words, fighting over every issue is a bad idea. Most divorce cases involve people with finite resources, not mega-corporations. If you hire a family lawyer, they’ll make sure to remind you of that. They will guide you through the process of mediation to help you come to a compromise where possible,  quickly and cost effectively.

5. Objectivity

As we’ve mentioned, filing for divorce can get emotional. This also means you won’t be able to be objective about your case, resulting in skewed judgment. In these circumstances, working with the other side can be a tough ask.

That’s why the presence of an impartial third party such as a lawyer can be of great help. Other than reminding you to keep emotions in check, they’ll warn you if your demands are unreasonable, or if you’re legally entitled to more than you’re asking for.

Peace of Mind with an Experienced Divorce Attorney by Your Side

As you can see, hiring a divorce lawyer can do a lot for your peace of mind. If your case gets contested, getting professional help is almost a necessity. The same applies if your spouse hires a lawyer of his or her own.

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