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July 30, 2021

Postnuptial agreements in Arizona

Family Law

Postnuptial agreements Arizona
Postnuptial agreements in Arizona

You may wonder what is a postnuptial agreement. As everybody knows, prenuptial agreements have an increasing popularity, setting clear boundaries from the start of married life. If you did not think about a prenuptial agreement before getting married, do not panic. Legal documents that you can sign after taking the big step exist and they’re called postnuptial agreements.

What is, after all, a postnuptial agreement?

A postnuptial agreement is signed after two people get married. It gives a lot of benefits like separating the income of the two partners, to set financial bounderies and to clearly establish separate assets or businesses.

Are postnuptial agreements legal in Arizona?

Yes, postnuptial agreements are legal in Arizona as long as the document is created by an attorney. Why? Because a family law professional knows exactly how to make the most of the document and personalize it to the specific needs of the couple.


In certain and special circumstances, a court in Arizona could refuse to enforce a postnuptial agreement. Why? Because it should not include fraud and both parties must agree to it. If there’s any sign that someone was forced to sign the agreement, it will not be enforceable. An attorney is also necessary to explain to the couple all the implications that a postnuptial agreement has, the presence of all the elements, and the fact that the court will only allow the couple to split their assets according to the terms of the agreement.

However, the spouses have the right to challenge the agreement. In this circumstance, the other party will need to prove the fact that the agreement is balanced and fair.

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