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A party may want seek to modify legal decision making, parenting time, or child support obligations.  Depending on the individual circumstances of every case, a modification of a court order may be deemed appropriate. This de

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Grandparents’ Rights/3rd Party Rights

Non-Parent Custody

In certain cases a non-parent such as a grandparent, relative, former stepparent, etc. may ask the court to grant custody/legal decision making of a minor child to them. In order to do so t

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When a child is born out of wedlock paternity must be established in order for the father to secure his parenting rights. A formal procedure typically involving the use of DNA testing will be required in order to establish th

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In certain situations, a custodial parent may want to move out of state with a child. Reasons for a relocation often involve job opportunities, to be closer to family, or other extenuating circumstances. Given the significant

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Parenting Time

The amount of time a parent is able to spend with their child is often the most heavily contested issue during a divorce or breakup.  In this consideration, it is important to understand that the court will favor mutual and m

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Child Custody/Legal Decision Making

Typically, child custody arrangements are settled through voluntary agreement of the parents.  If the parents of a child are unable to agree to child custody arrangements, the court can be used as an intermediary to settle th

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Order Enforcement

Often enforcement of an order is necessary when a party fails to meet the obligations listed within their divorce decree.  These obligations can include support obligations (alimony or child support), payment of debts, releas

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Family/Divorce Law Mediation

The majority of family or divorce law cases are settled without going to trial. This can often be achieved through the use of mediation services.  In this process an unbiased 3rd party (mediator) will represent bot

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Property & Debt Division

Depending on the case, a divorce can present some very complex issues dealing with property and debt distribution. Arizona is known as a “community property” state. Simply put, any property, assets, or debts acquired during t

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Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

Divorce is a life changing event for everyone involved.  Depending upon your individual circumstances, you might lose the financial support of the primary breadwinner following a divorce, be forced to move from the family hom

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Arizona law provides the court with the discretion to dissolve/annul a marriage when the cause alleged constitutes an impediment rendering the marriage void.  Grounds for an annulment include but are not limited to:

Legal Separation

In certain situations, legal separation may be a reasonable alternative to divorce. Simply moving out of a marital home and separating from a spouse is not considered a “legal separation.” Legal separation will often

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