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Child Support Calculation

Child Support Calculation

The amount of child support either parent pays is based on the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.  The Supreme Court of Arizona reviews these guidelines at least once every four years to ensure that its applicability results in appropriate child support amounts. According to the Center for Policy Research (2008) “The core of the guidelines calculation is a lookup schedule of basic obligations for a range of incomes and number of children. The basic obligations reflect economic data on the costs of raising children. The obligated parent’s pro rata share of the basic obligation forms the basis of the award amount. To determine the final obligation amount, the guidelines provide for additional adjustments such as parenting time, health insurance, child care expenses, and other factors.”

While a simple child support calculation is used in the determination of the child support amount, many relevant factors will be considered. Often, it is these relevant factors that become an issue among parents when determining child support. Whether you are the Payor or Payee of the support obligation, it may be beneficial to seek an experienced Child Support Attorney to help in this determination.

To calculate your potential child support obligation or payment amount utilize the following 2015 child support calculator provided by the Arizona Supreme Court:

Child support may be an inevitable consequence of divorce or separation of parents if children are involved.  Even parents who were never actually in a relationship may be responsible for child support payments.  Because there are so many factors involved in the child support process, the sooner you speak with a qualified Arizona Child Support Attorney, the better.  At Reppucci & Roeder, PLLC, our skilled Phoenix Child Support Attorneys have a thorough understanding of Arizona family law and what decisions a court is likely to make regarding child support matters for your particular situation.  Our attorneys provide the individualized representation that each client deserves.  We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and address your concerns.  To schedule an initial consultation, contact Reppucci & Roeder today.

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