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The decision to file for a divorce is never an easy one.  To complicate an already emotionally draining life event, there are numerous complex legal decisions that need to be made. Issues typically covered in divorces include but are not limited to:

  • Child custody
  • Parenting time
  • Child support
  • Asset and property distribution
  • Debt distribution
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Health insurance
  • Military divorce issues (deployment, residency, etc.)

In Arizona, one spouse does not need to prove the other spouse was at fault for anything that led to the divorce.  It is enough under Arizona law that the spouses have irreconcilable differences or that the marriage is irretrievably broken.  As such, any married couple can seek dissolution of marriage regardless for the reasons behind the divorce.  Divorce is also known as dissolution of marriage, because you are essentially “dissolving” your marriage.  The process for seeking a divorce in Arizona includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Filing a petition for dissolution of marriage
  • Responding to a petition for dissolution of marriage if the divorce is contested (a divorce is uncontested when the other spouse does not respond or contest to the petition)
  • Negotiate a marital settlement agreement if matters are agreed upon prior to going to trial
  • The distribution of marital property (property acquired during marriage by either or both spouses) that is equitable for both spouses
  • The requirement to pay child support pursuant to a marital settlement agreement, or if ordered by the court
  • The requirement to pay spousal support (alimony) pursuant to a marital settlement agreement, or if ordered by the court

It is typically in your best interest to reach a settlement of your divorce matters prior to going to trial.  As part of entering into a marital settlement agreement, the spouses can pretty much agree on whatever they want.  For example, they may agree on the distribution of property, on custody matters, child support, and spousal support.  However, these are matters that are often disputed, so it is sometimes essential that a court help to make decisions that will be the most fair for both spouses as well as decisions that will be in the best interest of any children that may be involved.  When issues are disputed, it is important to have a strong advocate by your side.  With the help of Reppucci & Roeder, PLLC, you can rest assured in knowing that your attorney is working diligently to help you achieve an equitable outcome to your divorce. Whether your divorce case is uncontested or requires a trial, the divorce attorneys at Reppucci & Roeder Law Firm will aggressively fight for your rights at every stage of this process.

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