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Parenting Time

Parenting Time

The amount of time a parent is able to spend with their child is often the most heavily contested issue during a divorce or breakup.  In this consideration, it is important to understand that the court will favor mutual and meaningful contact by BOTH parents in the upbringing of a child so long as it serves the “best interests of the child.”  Given the surrounding circumstances of a divorce or breakup emotions and tempers are often at their peak.  This can create unrealistic expectations by one or both parents when deciding how parenting time should be allocated.

Outside of a separate agreement of the parents or extenuating circumstances including: the age of a child, fitness issues (ability to meet the needs of the child), time constraints, logistics, etc. the court will typically favor equal parenting time among the parents. Given the nature and importance of spending time with your child(ren), we encourage you to seek qualified legal representation to support your interests.  Our attorneys at Reppucci & Roeder are here to help you every step of the way because your family is our number one priority!

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