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Collaborative Divorce

More and more couples today are opting for a collaborative divorce. This can be an excellent option which proves that divorce does not need to be an emotionally charged undertaking that stretches on for years or forces petty disputes and underhanded techniques. Instead, collaborative divorce facilitates cooperative negotiations with the goal of achieving the best outcome for all parties involved. You can save time, hassle, stress, money, and the potentially damaging toll that a high conflict divorce can have on your family. 


Although collaborative divorce is often confused with mediation, it differs in key ways. For one, each party has their own legal representation to secure their voice in the proceedings, whereas mediation utilizes one arbitrator/mediator who steers the negotiations and possible settlement. If a collaborative agreement cannot be reached, the case may go to court. However, as the lawyers who represented the client in collaborative divorce proceedings cannot represent the same client in court, attorneys are motivated to achieve an accord on which both parties may agree. 


Collaborative divorce has been shown to have wonderful results for couples in Arizona, enabling families to find a solution with less cost and less damage to family relationships. Our attorneys excel in creative problem-solving solutions which enable successful collaborative divorce. Contact us to learn more. 

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