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Enforcing Child Support

Every parent in Arizona is responsible for supporting and caring for their children, whether in parenting time or child support payments (and sometimes both). While this amount is determined by income, parenting time, and financial restrictions, whether payments are made is non-negotiable. The state of Arizona views child support as much more than just a financial obligation. Child support is both a moral and ethical obligation supporting children’s physical, emotional and psychological needs. This concept is so safeguarded by state law that failure to pay child support can result in contempt proceedings, fines, and even jail time.

Enforcement actions are available to ensure that child support is paid on time and in full. The first measure is usually wage garnishment. This is moderated through the Arizona Support Payment Clearinghouse. After a valid Court Order determines the amount of the child support obligation, an Order of Assignment is issued to the parent’s employer owing to the support obligation. This will detail the amount of the payment obligation as well as when the payment obligation begins. Once the Order of Assignment becomes active, the support obligation should be deducted automatically from the paying parent’s paycheck and issued directly to the Arizona Support Payment Clearinghouse for payment to the payee. The custodial parent will have two channels to collect their child support:


  • Direct deposit to their bank account or
  • Utilize a support payment card (much like a debit card)

If you have run into hurdles with obtaining child support payments for your family, we can help. At Reppucci & Roeder, our attorneys have extensive experience, both with determining child support payments and with taking action to ensure that these payments are secured and enforced. Contact us to learn more. 

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