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Modifying Child Support

Many events can occur, necessitating an adjustment to the current child support payments that you have arranged with your co-parent. Whether the payee or the payor has experienced a change in financial ability, availability, or even legal status, there can be sufficient cause to adjust the current arrangement. These reasons may include (but are not limited to):


  • The significant change in income
  • The significant change in circumstances
  • Relocation of parties
  • Parenting time change
  • Serious illness

Although it may make sense to some couples to amicably modify the arrangement themselves as circumstances demand, this can leave both parties in a vulnerable position. Unless the courts solidify it, it is difficult to enforce child support and leave one or both parties in dire financial straits. 

The experienced child support attorneys at Reppucci and Roeder can help you modify your child support arrangement to suit changes in conditions, whether one party has moved to a new location or one parent has remarried. Our compassionate customer service and well-grounded experience in Arizona family law help us handle your case with speed and competence. 

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