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High Net Worth /Asset Divorce

In family law circles, it is a general rule of thumb that the more assets involved in a divorce, the more complicated the procedure will be. This is because high-net-worth cases usually involve many different forms of assets. The legal protections and entanglements surrounding such assets are difficult to divide when couples decide to go their separate ways.

A divorce involving high net worth may also include factors such as:

  • divorce, 
  • Shared interest in businesses, including market share, bonds, board memberships, etc. 
  • Private and/or shared business ownership
  • Joint ownership of real estate, secondary residences, or investment properties
  • High-value collections of rare (and often, difficult to replace or objectively value) art, jewelry, antiques, etc. 
  • Taxable investment accounts
  • Retirement and long-term investment accounts

There may also be additional complications with regards to parenting decision-making and spousal maintenance, especially if there is a large disparity between potential earning income of both parties. 


Here at Reppucci & Roeder, our lawyers are highly skilled in understanding the many factors surrounding a divorce for high net worth individuals and families. We work diligently to uncover and properly evaluate all joint holdings of a couple, and we tenaciously fight for our clients to get their fair share during and after a divorce. Contact us for a consultation regarding your unique case. 


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