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Order Enforcement

If an ex-spouse fails to honor the court-mandated terms of divorce (i.e., fails to pay child support, withholds visitation, etc.), it may be necessary to enlist legal order enforcement. Obligations eligible for order enforcement can include… 

Obligations eligible for order enforcement can include…

  • support obligations (alimony or child support), 
  • payment of debts, 
  • release of assets, 
  • sale of real or personal property, 
  • etc. 

It’s important to note that failure to follow the terms of your divorce means that you’re in violation of a court order. In Arizona, failure to pay child support is a class VI felony, punishable by jail time, if necessary. Alternatively, the court may garnish wages, suspend professional license, or withhold tax refunds in order to secure the payment mandated. 

If you have been adversely affected by the failure of your ex-spouse to meet the obligations listed within your divorce decree, an enforcement action may be your only recourse. Talk to us to start today, and secure the funds that you need to maintain yourself and your loved ones. 

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