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Parenting Time

You’re used to being with your child 100% of the time. Even if the court ruling awards you the vast majority of parenting time (for example, 90% time with you, 10% time with your spouse), it will mean a reduction. This may feel like an outrageous change to your parental rights and access, especially if you have a fraught relationship with your ex. It’s easy to see why parenting time is, often, the most heavily contested issue during a divorce or breakup. 

It is important to understand that the court will favor mutual and meaningful contact by both parents in a child’s upbringing so long as it serves the “best interests of the child.” Both parties need to have realistic expectations when deciding how parenting time will be allocated. 

Factors in Consideration When Determining Parenting Time


  • Age of a child
  • Fitness issues (i.e. ability to meet the needs of the child) 
  • Time constraints (i.e. work hours) 
  • Transportation logistics
  • Child’s relationships with siblings, friends, pets, and extended family
  • Wishes of the child (if they are over a certain age) 

Nothing is more important than the time you spend with your child. We understand that, which is why our first priority is the happiness and wellbeing of your family. Contact our office to discuss your case. 

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