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A U-Visa is a special visa available for individuals who have been the victim of a crime in the United States. This visa was established as an aid to law enforcement to counter human trafficking. If you have suffered from domestic violence, involuntary servitude, peonage, assault, exploitation, or kidnapping (as well as a number of additional crimes,) you may be able to obtain temporary protected status in the United States. Applicants must demonstrate that they have been the victim of a crime, that they suffered physical or emotional harm as a result, and that they have been subsequently helpful to law enforcement.

Under a U-Visa, you can reside in the United States for a period of four years. You can also submit an application for a green card in order to obtain permanent residence after the term of your U-Visa is up. Under a U-Visa, you can also get permission for employment within the U.S., and your family may also be eligible for protected residence. You may even be eligible for additional public benefits in some states.

Very specific conditions must be met, and it can be difficult to prove that you are eligible for a U-Visa. These cases frequently overlap and intersect with criminal suits. In order to ensure that your U-Visa is handled appropriately, consult with an experienced immigration attorney. Here at Repucci & Roeder, we have experience in handling all kinds of immigration cases in Arizona. We consult closely with you to determine your needs and situation, and provide personalized counsel that helps you achieve your goals.

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