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Divorce is a difficult step, but you are not alone in this. Having informed and compassionate legal representation will make the process go more smoothly for you and your family. Utilizing time-tested methodology alongside creative and customized legislative strategy, we ensure that you get your fair share of assets and custody. Our pledge is to always put you and your needs first, honoring the trust that you place in us.

Our divorce legal management also includes ancillary services that may be needed to supplement your case or modify your arrangement as time goes on. These may include temporary court orders, modification to spousal maintenance payments, mediation, or child custody arrangements. With our experience and track record of success in Arizona divorce suits, we do whatever it takes to secure your family and achieve your goals.

Planning for Divorce in ArizonaA Free Guide

Of course, planning will not make the prospect of separating from your spouse any less emotional, but it can help you make informed decisions throughout the divorce process. Proper planning can ensure you successfully complete the requirements necessary to obtain your divorce with minimal roadblocks.

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Planning for Divorce in Arizona, A Free Guide


Divorce in Arizona

Divorce terminates the contract of marriage. At that point, both parties are in a position to seek custody of their children in addition to seeking assets, etc. It also means that each party is free to seek a relationship and marriage contract with someone new.

The emotion is unquestionable but parties are often filled with questions and anxiety. That’s when it’s time to turn to a trusted Arizona divorce attorney.

If you’re thinking about or need to take action regarding divorce, then prepare yourself with the wisdom to get the best outcome.

A divorce in Arizona can be either contested or uncontested. When a divorce is contested, parties proceed through all phases of litigation, including a trial before an Arizona judge. Generally, an uncontested divorce involves little to no outside legal counsel or advice.

A divorce is a separation of two people as well as their built or shared assets. It may be undisputedly agreed that you’d like to separate. But, you may not totally agree on how assets should be divided or how you should share time with the children. Therefore, a contested divorce exists. When a divorce is contested, parties proceed through all phases of litigation, including a trial before an Arizona judge.

Default Divorce in Arizona

Default divorces are prevalent in Arizona. For a variety of reasons, one party may refrain from acting upon the other filing for a divorce. If this should happen, one party could move for a default hearing. If all proper paperwork is brought to the hearing, and the motion is granted, then the divorce process moves on via paperwork. Once the court reviews all documents, the default divorce is ordered and the final decree is mailed to both parties.


When Can I File for Divorce?

You or your spouse must have lived in Arizona for at least 90 days.

How Do I File for Divorce?

File a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” with the Superior Clerk. The other partner will be served with a summons. They have 20 days to file a written response. The other partner could waive service by signing and notarizing an “Acceptance of Service.”

Am I Required to Hire an Attorney to Get a Divorce in Arizona?

No, you’re not required to do so. However, you want the best possible outcome, especially regarding your children and built assets. Moreover, this is an undeniably emotional time. It greatly improves your situation to have someone on your side with rich experience in Arizona divorce law.

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