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Collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce stands on the ground that couples are the ones that should make decisions for their families. Negotiation can be more effective and pleasant for some couples than court proceedings when ending a marriage. For couples who can work together (even though their attorneys), collaborative divorce has many benefits, mainly because it can […]

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Written by on August 25, 2021

How Relocation Can Affect Child Custody

In some circumstances, a parent who has custody of a child in another state may move with that child to Arizona. Depending on how long the parent and child care in the state, Arizona becomes the home state for purposes of child custody jurisdiction. This relocation is important, especially if the question of modifying a child […]

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Written by on March 27, 2021

What Is a Default Divorce? | Understanding a Default Divorce in Arizona

A divorce can be accomplished in several different ways. The preferable method to going through a divorce is for one party to file a divorce complaint, the other party being served with the paperwork, and both parties being a part of the process so that the marriage can be legally dissolved. However, occasionally, one party is […]

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Written by on March 26, 2021