Thinking about Divorce - Here are 3 Reasons You Should Talk to a Lawyer Today
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March 18, 2021

Thinking about Divorce – Here are 3 Reasons You Should Talk to a Lawyer Today



Many married individuals who are facing divorce may consider whether it is worth it to hire an attorney. Selecting an attorney, constantly communicating with a law firm, and paying attorney’s fees may all seem daunting, and it may be tempting to face your spouse and the court on your own.

In reality, having an experienced attorney by your side is critical for success in your divorce. The following are only three of many reasons why you should call a divorce law firm today.

1. A divorce lawyer can save you money.

You are probably wondering how this can be true if you have to pay your lawyer fees. However, an attorney who is familiar with divorce laws and procedures in Arizona can simplify the process. A skilled lawyer will know how to pursue a favorable out-of-court agreement on all major issues in your divorce to avoid having to endure expensive court hearings to hash out the issues in front of a judge.

The tools and resources of a good law firm can save you time, stress, and – yes – money.

2. An attorney will work to secure your financial future.

Let’s be honest; divorce can wreak havoc on your finances. Not only do you have to pay for the court costs of the legal case, but all of your marital property and debts will have to be divided. In many cases, a two-income household will suddenly become one, or a stay-at-home parent will lose their source of financial support, often with limited employment prospects due to time spent out of the job market.

A skilled lawyer will work to achieve a favorable property settlement for you, as well as a fair spousal support order if needed in your case so that you can start the next phase of your life in the best situation possible.

3. Your lawyer will work for the best possible custody arrangement.

Divorce almost always means that you will spend less time with your children, as most cases result in joint custody rights. However, the details of a custody and visitation order are imperative to preserving your relationship with your children. A lawyer can help protect your parental rights and facilitate an agreement that makes sense for everyone involved.

Reppucci and Roeder’s legal team is committed to helping each client achieve the most favorable resolution possible in their divorce case. We help ease the stress of divorce and will guide you through the process.

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